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What is EERF ?

EERF is the Equine Eye Registration Foundation. The purpose of this registration is to eliminate heritable eye disease in purebred horses through registration, research and education.

EERF cooperates with the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologist (ACVO) to maintain a registry of purebred horses that the ACVO diplomates examine and have found to be unaffected by major heritable eye diseases. Horse owners may register the horse with EERF and receive a registration number and certificate. EERF will also maintain a closed research database, which will consist of information that is a compilation of all examinations of horses (both normal and abnormal) done by ACVO Diplomates. It will be a closed database (no owner information or horse identification will be released) and the statistics reports generated from this database will help breeders and ophthalmologists identify trends in eye disease by breed and region.

How do I register my horse ?

After a painless examination of the horse's eyes, the ACVO Diplomate completes the examination section of the EERF form and indicates any specific disease(s) found. Horses found to be unaffected by major heritable eye diseases by an ACVO Diplomate can be registered with EERF.

To initiate registration, the owner/breeder must complete the back of the owner copy (white form) of the EERF examination form and send it, with the registration fee of $25.00, to the EERF office.

EERF registration is good for the lifetime of the horse and there is no minimum age for EERF registration.

How do I find a ACVO Diplomate to do the EERF exam ?

Contact the doctor's office listed in ACVO Clinic List (where the clinics are sorted by state).

What can EERF do for me?

Your horse can be identified as being registered with EERF to other interested horse breeders or buyers. Horses can be advertised using EERF registration numbers.

EERF registration shows your support for the mutual goal of eliminating heritable eye disease in purebred horses and provides horse buyers and breeders with proof of your integrity and commitment to maintaining the highest quality bloodlines.

EERF Services

The following reports are available:

  • EERF Registration lists that provides a report of all animals in a specific breed registered with EERF.
  • Current EERF research reports on heredity eye diseases for specific breeds.
  • VMDB (the Veterinary Medical Database) report for any/all breeds, top 100 diagnoses, age/sex breakdown.
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