The Veterinary Medical Data Program was initiated in 1964 by the National Cancer Institute. The purpose of which was to compile veterinary medical data from various sources into a single data base, where it could be used for comparative medical research. The Association of Veterinary Medical Data Program Participants (A-VMDP-P) incorporated as a non-profit consortium of Veterinary Schools in 1977 with the aim of continuing the program the NCI had begun and to further develop the data base as well as other veterinary related data repositories. 

Our corporate officers are veterinarians chosen every two years from participating institutions.  In addition to the VMDB program, A-VMDP-P administers the Canine Eye Registration Foundation, the Equine Eye Registration Foundation and the Irish Setter DNA Registry.

 The A-VMDP-P also provides funding in support of programs of the American Veterinary Health Information Managers Association, the AVMA Secretariat to SNOMED® and sponsors workshops on the use of SNOMED in Veterinary Medical applications.

Corporate Officers 2012-14


Robert Malinowski
Michigan State University

Immediate Past President

Allan Hahn
University of Missouri

President Elect

Wade Shipman
Private Practice


Fred Marker
The Ohio State University


Walter Weirich
Purdue University

AVHIMA Liaison: Kathy Ellis

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